Bitcoin New Boombox- What will be it’s worth by 2020

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Last week Bitcoin price surge had given us a goosebumps.
Aren’t you surprised ? I am & feeling like, lost an opportunity to become lucky millionaire. I am sure there are many of you thinking the same. And after seeing multiple nuggets of media on scratching your hands on the investment opportunity you had missed.
If you don’t have an idea what you have missed then here is a SHOCKER for you.



Bitcoin today’s buying price is INR 1.75 lacs approx and selling at INR 1.5 lacs.

It’s very volatile commodity and no ones controls it on the trading. It’s just sellers and buyers who inject money into the stock exchange.

If you are still wondering what bitcoin is then you are living under the rock. I would recommend to Google and click on news. You will get many views and detail on this new age cryptocurrency.
Do you know?
  • It’s the future currency which is only been legalized in Australia, United States, Canada etc. So should clear about where are we heading in the new world.
  • Blockchain is the technology on which this currency is been developed. And it’s future is bright in developing countries to make it encrypted digital transaction at speed.
  • There is a still chance for you to earn from this currency if you invest in it today as SIP form. If this new gold keep on holding the market share like this then prediction is that it any surge to $6000 by 2018 and $10k by 2021
Source of these prediction is
If you plan to invest in SIP form do check all the latest news on Bitcoin before starting as it’s very riskful investment.

Last week after this Boombox news, lone of my international client asked to add payment method of accepting Bitcoin on their site. World has started accepting this as a new commerce currency.
However in India we are in thinking mode on its acceptance by RBI and government. Which is valid in a economy like India as we need other transformation in our system. Recently petition been filed by Indians to legalize bitcoin and our government will come up with the solution as it’s petition been accepted in positive node.
Once it get accepted there are lot of transformation we will be noticing with this new technology of Blockchain in our e-goverenence, finance and other industries.
I am diving deeper to learn more about blockchain and cryptocurrency to connect the dots of future we are heading to. As an when I get more insights and magic of this technology. I will share with you all.
Keep Mining 😊!

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