Domain Renewal -Company worth $1.8BN @ $74

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Tuesday morning World’s best marketing automation company MARKETO stopped working. Funds aren’t an Issue here as we know.

25th July 2017, Marketo team forgot to renew their domain. It doesn't mean that company who deals in automation, forget to put renewal on automation. It just a coincident that their process isn't that strong and human error got noticed. And everyone on social platforms , from customers to critics everyone started tweeting, writing about this chaos. Soon #Marketo was trending on Twitter in US.

People, there is no way you can get a panic attack, Marketo Domain Manager got available after 3 hrs of the incident captured by the end users.
Blessing 1 for Marketo — Humanity still exist — While Marketo was floundering, Travis Prebble decided to help out, registering the domain for a year for $38 and paying the $35.99 restatement fee. He tweeted the invoice at the company — seventy-four bucks for an organization once valued at $1.8bn.

“I renewed your domain @Marketo. Hopefully, things will be back up soon.”

Blessing 2 for Marketo -Considering the worth of Marketo, and the fact that the — Network Solutions — could have sold the company its premium renewal service, where it will contact a specific person before any changes are made, it’s safe to assume Marketo has never done a domain management audit. Certainly, they will do it now.

It’s obvious for now, every online business across sectors and globe must be keeping eye on their domains. As we all know care is better than cure.

Nevertheless , at the end everything was good Steve Lucas got lucky and received a great help from nowhere and he respected.  TECHNOLOGY  + HUMANS

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