SILVER Goes to Whom?

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It was 11:45 PM,  Wednesday,  persuaded the benefit to be at HOME for next 3 - 4 days. Spent my Wednesday in torment and smile of losing my wallet , mobiles and thinking how somebody had made me fool out. Credit goes to  “Thak- Thak" gang ( another pack screwing delhites).

Amid my stay at home with No Access to phone and emails , very limited. I was occupied with replying “How it happen, dear?. No offense to anybody, I like to be the focal point of fascination and unquestionably worship their affection and consideration. I am glad!

Thursday (2nd day at Home) , my granny and close relatives recorded us to see me and asked the same thing "What  & How it happened Son"?  After all cross-examination and highlights of the incident we moved to Chai time.

Now that’s moment opened my marketer mind , I never thought to hear this discussion from the group of 50+ years ladies (Indian Digital marketers name it as SILVER Audience, TG 45- 65 ) .

At chai separated from my occurrence, the other HOT theme on the table was "Facebook " Whats App", “Youtube” , “Google”, “Ola”and E-commerce shopping sites.

NO DAILY SOAP !! That was stunning! They have grabbed my attention.

After 5 mins, I burst into their discussion as I was getting some great knowledge of my domain from them. Both Mom and Aunt were exchanging HOW TO of M-social from one another as:

  • How to "Add Friend “?
  • How to Changing Profile Pic.
  • How to send Video from Facebook to Whats App?
  • Can I send MP3 devotional song? How ?
  • Did you check Baba Ramdev's new range of proudct on Facebook ? You can order ONLINE ... their Facebook ad says so.
  • Does Ola give cabs in 5 mins ? How can I book it?
  • Can I check or write in Hindi or Punjabi on Facebook or What’s app?
They were helping one another in understanding online networking world. I was a quiet spectator and shocking, as for me as Digital marketer all stats says don’t spend marketing budget on SILVER, target Millennials.  The fact is that.
But just wondering if this FACT is still a FACT?

After 35 Mins of exchanging learning with one another, they hopped to another subject, unexpected again Online Shopping! 
  • Did you saw new print on Indian Roots?
  • Did purchase anything for kiddos from Amazon or FlipKart?
  • Why not overhaul your Free lens or Frame from lenskart they have great offers?
Their end purpose of every inquiry with them was the manner by which to purchase it online

Here are intriguing worries points captured by my ears:
  •  No! sign where to purchase
  • What’s the cost
  • Advertisement item wasn't on a page when I tapped on promotion , some different product was there.
  • Ola doesn’t have “Book Now” or “Call now” button for Cab? Yes , but it does have “RIDE NOW”
  • Ads campaign and communication in the regional or easy understand language

Amazing, the core is that we have made a buying experience and Ads extremely troublesome for this set of an audience.

Oh ! Does that also means CTA and UI / UX of these portal and apps are not apt for them? Nah ! I believe I am overthinking. It’s OK

Hang On! How can big players and E-commerce mammoths/Unicorns with huge team & funding ,overlooked SILVERS in India ( Though constitute only 20% of the current Indian Population and conversion rate is higher, my assumption and POV )

Opportunity :

90% of this audience has the smartphone and access Internet in 2016 on mobile. All the internet companies should :
Set budget to market this set of audience with easy CTA.
Integration of offline by giving them CTA and option to buy stuff offline or VISIT at their door steps.
All big players already providing these options , just need to re-look from 45+ age group. Knowledge base ,Easy F&Q or Support system for them to understand these online products better.

Digital or Internet training for them.

HOME RUN! Isn't ? I am just thinking from the conversation I keep on hearing from senior citizen around me and I am sure many of you have experienced it at your end as well.

The point that got SILVERS was extremely very much pointed towards advertisers like us. We are just attempting to draw in group of onlookers who is now adjusted with a lot of brand correspondence, and disregarding SLIVERS (obviously I am not discussing Celebs, HNI and Politicians here)

Time to get in details of this with more R&D, stats and how accurate it will be to ACT on above ideology. I have to work on PART 2.

Any inputs & suggestions, Welcome !

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