It’s 2017 : Adapt 5 Mobile Marketing Tools Now or Die

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Within a decade, Digital media and the Internet Marketing has transformed every aspect of mankind. Now days we consume every information, life decisions, buying plan and even do ransomeware.

Won’t you think technology moving faster than we can adapt to it?  I don’t know about all technologies but thanks to smartphones, everyone has adapted it and it’s still need to grow in leap and bounds.
Mobile Marketing Tools

UAE is at Rank 1 in the smartphone penetration and India at rank 45, till April 2017
-30% of the population is on mobile and its growing rapidly. If we see population metric, India is Awesome in adapting the speed of change!

The reason I have picked this topic on mobile , to make my readers aware that marketing a brand or your business on mobile can make you win additional $$.  And there are superlative products to help you in your marketing.

Be aggressive with your mobile marketing, and I know most of you reading this must be thinking that we are already on mobile with :
  • Mobile Website & App
  • Facebook
  • Instagram
  • Google Ads
But are you using right tools to get your business reach out to the right audience on these platforms . I am not talking about pushing paid ads, neither I am taking about Mobile best practices.

Hold on Take a deep breathe and here you go with the list of 5 Mobile tools you must add into your mobile marketing strategy today

  1. Yappie
  3. Canva
  4. LeanPlum
  5. Appcues

  6. Outbrain
  7. Taboola
  1. Yappie: It’s a mobile dominant app and for your surprise it’s an audio social platform. An audio need to be of 60 Sec - Max 5 mins and can be used for both B2B and B2C  purposes. Just imagine if your brand voice or tone actually get stimulate to the audience who are listening Radio out podcast on the go! This is the tools that I am exploring and will share a demo if the same soon with you guys here.

  2. This tool have Millions of mobile users and if would like to drive to traffic to certain page of your website , can be offer, promotion or latest blog page, you can leverage this tool. Even if you have any event coming up, this tool will allow you to publish your information / content as a Digital newspaper.  You can also share the link of your on your business channels like Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn.

  3. Canva: Are you still figuring the relevant sizes of Graphics for online platforms? No need t worry you can use Canva ,without thinking about what size you graphic should for Facebook, Twitter or blog. Sigh of relief honestly. Graphic designing had never been so easy in history as they are NOW.
  4. Leanplum: This is bets tool so far that has been designed to create a mobile experience keeping user in focus. If you are planning to scale your mobile presence and you have enough data about user your behavior this tool is best fit. 

    It is an integrated mobile marketing platform, and the service offered by it combines everything that you need to improve like user retention, comprising automation, messaging, A/B testing, analytics, personalization, and more. 

It means, you can easily engage your users back to your application with push notifications, and then optimize the in-app experience.

  5. M-Payments
  6. Appcues:  Once your marketing has started driving  traffic on your app page, they have downloaded it. What next ? On-boarding? Welcoming , tricks and tips to experience your content / product best with the mobile app. Growth is important, but your user acquisition spend will be lost if it doesn’t drive long-term engaged users. How would you take care of this?

    Appcues will rescue you from all these worry points.

Appcues delivers high-end features, including customized welcome messages, tips-of-the-day for new users, A/B testing on the whole on boarding process. It’s in-built powerful personalization tools enable for a more customized on boarding experience for each user. Appcues know very well that user on boarding is the main key to retention.

Above tools will help you create better or I will say excellent user experience on mobile and empower you with the visual , audio and on-boarding process. All these adaption will help you to amplify your ROI and content generation on mobile.

But hold on, how you are going to distribute online— apart from giants like Facebook , Twitter  LinkedIn and Google.. How to leverage dime spent on marketing by others brands for your business as well?

  • Outbrian
  • Taboola
These 2 platform are biggest on mobile behavioral targeting and content recommendation engine. Majorly this been used by publisher network.

Source Wiki- Outbrain is an advertising company. It uses behavioral targeting to recommend articles, slideshows, blog posts, photos or videos to a reader, rather than relying on a more basic "related items" widget. ... Outbrain's recommendations reach over 87% of US Internet users.

Source Outbrain - Outbrain is the world's leading discovery platform dedicated exclusively to predicting moments and drawing data-driven connections between interests and actions.

Modern Consumer Behavior on Mobile

Mobile marketing is advancing fast: "In 2016 companies in countries such as China and India had invested over USD 6 billion in it". Source : Ronald Berger.

So your planning and budget for mobile cannot be peanuts for 2017 to 2020, as this platform is going to be huge. And that fact make it very important for brands and business to know what audiences behavior in mobile , specifically in India, Africa , South East Asia.

Here few behavior to take a note while penning down a mobile strategy:
  • Consumer average time spend is approx. 3 to 4 hrs
  • Internet penetration as per segment 64.71% -Urban areas and Rural areas -35.29% (India).
  • Steaming & Downloading music is one the favorite activity online
  • Playing games , VR games is one of the best segment online in the Easter Asian countries like Korea, Japan and China. India doesn’t have that much consumption of games.

Buying trend In India
  • Omni Channel mindset , Indian will prefer to buy offline
  • Still Skeptical about the quality and security online
Text & Instant Messgaing

In today’s date mobile can help your business to grow exponentially as you can enable 2 way communication and consumer is active participant.


I would like to emphasize again on the fact that there is no denial you know mobile is first platform and touch point to your marketing. However , it won't be successful until and unless you :
  • Plan it effectively.
  • Market it with appropriate marketing spend.
  • Understand the mobile consumer.
  •  Add readily available tool in your strategy.
If you are from Health & Wellness, Fashion, Multi Chain Outlets- Retail & Sports or a Start Up then don't forget to imply these facts and tools while planning your next mobile marketing strategy.

You can comment below if you would like to recommend tool that  you are using in your current mobile marketing strategy. Would love to explore.

And, if you are still not mobile , don't overthink  just act on it.

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